Food For Hungry Kids

2022: Make donations payable to Loaves & Fishes, note on check “Operation Food for Hungry Kids” on the check or note it with cash contributions.

Operation Food for Hungry Kids is designed to supplement an existing weekend “food backpack” program in place since 2007.  The new program takes advantage of Loaves & Fishes ability to purchase food at wholesale prices and acquire salvage food.

The program does not fund any paid positions.  Ordering and handling of food through the food bank will be coordinated by existing volunteers plus volunteers from local churches, businesses, and area youth programs.  Volunteers meet at the food bank weekly to prepare backpacks for distribution to Berryville school nurses who then send the backpacks home with the students each Friday.  No child should be hungry.

The program’s start-up funding of approximately $10,00 came from individual donations, local churches, grants and a $5,000 contribution from Mercy Hospital and its Auxiliary.  However, ongoing donations will be critical to sustain the program.  For the school year 2013-2014 there were 3,238 food packs weighing approximately 4 pounds distributed to Berryville school children.  These food packs contained about 3500 calories and were chosen because they were low in sodium and fat and easily managed by children.  The foods were in sturdy packaging to ride home in the packs as well as being child friendly.  This school year we are serving Green Forest students and will add limited service to Alpena school students.  All students are identified for help by the school nurses.  

You can send your financial contributions for Operation Food for Hungry Kids (OFHK) to

Loaves & Fishes Food Bank, P.O. Box 149, Berryville, AR 72616

Make donations payable to Loaves & Fishes, designate “Operation Food for Hungry Kids” on the check or note it with cash contributions.

For more information about the program, volunteer opportunities or ways to make financial contributions, contact  LeaAnn Jackson.

“Our students are our future and they need adequate nutrition to remain healthy and thive in school and beyond.  It is easy to bury your head in the sand and say this problem doesn’t exist in our community, but unfortunately, it does and the numbers are growing.  This program is a wonderful opportunity to show what we can do as a community to support our school children.  The response has already been tremendous.”

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