VOLUNTEER – To apply, Visit the food bank on Mondays or Fridays (see Frances), come in around 10 am to fill out the paperwork and begin your volunteer hours.

Volunteers receive training on civil rights and sign up to volunteer.  Children 12 and under may volunteer if accompanied by an adult.

  • Staff the food bank, re package bulk items for distribution, unload trucks, clean the food bank, file cards, serve clients
  • Drive your vehicle to pick up donated food, load donated food
  • Lend your skills for building or appliance cleaning
  • Do the physical work of unloading trucks or stocking shelves
  • To share our needs and ministry with a service group or to hold a fund raising event to benefit the food bank


  • Food you purchase or collect through other organizations directly to the food bank such as canned meats, soup of all varieties, soap and cleansers or fresh garden produce in season.  Donations accepted during hours of operation.
  • Money to cover supplies and utilities.  Our utilities cost on average $800.00 per month.
  • Money to purchase food.  In past years we were able to rely on salvage from Northwest Arkansas Food Bank, our regional distribution point and pay transportation costs of 14 to 36 cents per pound.  However, today very little salvage food is available and we are having to pay near retail price for food from this source.  The average yearly cost runs about $90,000!
  • To Donate, send your donation through Paypal: our email address is:, Paypal will notify us when you make your monetary donation.

Mail contributions to :

Loaves & Fishes Food Bank,
P. O. Box 149,
Berryville, AR  72616-0149

You will be mailed a receipt to document your giving.   The 990 IRS return is available for any who would like to see financial records.  It is stored 301 Bunch Springs Road, Berryville, AR  72616.

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